My Cup of Tea


It’s been a few weeks since I wrote my last blog post. We’ve been getting some abnormally warm and sunny days in Ireland; so I’ve spent a lot of time exploring instead of writing, oops. Though I’m back with many new adventures.

I went to London in the fall and once again a few weeks ago. London is one of my favourite cities. If I could afford to live there I would. I love London because of the food, the atmosphere, and the architecture. Below is a list of places that I had a chance to visit, so far…

British Museum

A great museum and it’s FREE! The main highlight for me is seeing the Rosetta Stone.


National Art Gallery 

Also free to visit. Europe seems to have quite a lot of free museums and galleries. I think that it’s just Canada that likes to charge an arm and a leg to visit educational places.


Shakespeare’s Globe 

It’s hard to believe that I visited THE Shakespeare Globe. Every year in high school I read a Shakespeare play and now I not only visited the Globe but also watched a show. Tip: Tickets are only 5 pounds if you choose the traditional stand style. I’m not going to lie you will be standing for quite a bit.


Tate Museum

The moment we were in the Tate Museum and I was immediately reminded of Agent Cody Banks 2.

Doesn’t the picture below remind you of the villain’s headquarters?



It’s definitely not as big as the one in Toronto but it is a fairly nice grid area of Asian restaurants and grocery stores.


Japan Centre

Talk about a lovely and expensive place. There are so many authentic Japanese ready to eat food items and groceries in this store.

Primark on Oxford St. 

This is the location that I have seen on my Facebook feed multiple times because it’s the only location that dedicates a part of their store to a Harry Potter section.



What a store and a place to take some cool photos. This place has an endless amount of beautiful displays.


Borough Market 

FOOD!!! Lot’s and lots of good food.


Your typical must-sees

Big Ben 

Sadly it is still in repair.


London Eye


Buckingham Palace 


Westminster Abbey 


Piccadilly Circus


Out of the two times that I visited London, I have flown into two different airports: Luton Airport and Stanstead Airport. They are both equally as far from Central London and it is very easy to get into the city from the airport. The bus is the cheapest option and it is less than 2 hours away. Tickets can be bought at the airport.


Until next week!


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